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Scotland’s music calendar is nothing short of impressive and ranges from diverse intimate parties to huge events that take up the whole weekend. The sound festival, this adventurous music incubator is today encouraging new sound creation. World premieres, late night sound sessions, and workshops are taking place, for that matter, all year-round in order to support the local communities and to give composers the opportunity to create all kinds of new music.

They like to share ideas and have regular talks for the benefit of all ages and backgrounds and to provide some educational opportunities. Making new music is based on sound inspiring experiences that are supposed to nurture and excite the listener and the soul, both at once. There is a strong influence coming from the urban communities, as well as the rural areas, as the organizers often work closely with the local people, thus featuring family-friendly events with a wide range of composers, developing a strong relationship with the other community organizations of this geographic location.

It was created in 2004 in order to support local artists in the north-east of Scotland and provide new music of Scottish talents. Based in north-east Scotland, the annual sound festival promotes the discovery and experimentation of new works, having them heard and performed and encouraging audiences to experience cross-art form collaborations. Therefore, they are able to deliver joint arts activity, engaging some world-class artists

Sound festival of 2018 will take place on 24 Oct – 4 Nov across Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire. The sound festival programme has an incredible line-up with over 20 World, UK and Scottish premieres and some family-friendly events. This new music adventure across North East Scotland promises to be thrilling as this year will feature international as well as local artists and contemporary composers, with unique ensembles in iconic venues.

Scotland’s festival returns thus, inviting you on a journey of discovery across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire that features the new and wonderful music of Sally Beamish, Diana Burrell, Oscar Strasnoy and John de Simone. There will be ground-breaking performances from some of the most exciting ensembles from around the world, celebrating new music in the north-east of Scotland. The audience will be transported this year on this sonic adventure by prominent composers and cutting-edge music by Ensemble Klang, Red Note, Icebreaker and 2e2m.

Continuing its series on orchestral instruments, the viola will be in the spotlight this year, featured by the renowned violist, Garth Knox, whose hometown is Aberdeen. Hence, the shining contemporary artist will return home to perform on the stage. You will find yourself a journey of discovery listening, as the sound crosses the boundaries of electro-acoustic and experimental music in the multiple venues.

It allows audiences to explore and discover new and amazing music through lunchtime performances, traditional contemporary classical, innovative and challenging improvisations, as well as jazz. The festival takes place through a variety of intimate settings in Aberdeen venues, featuring several popular events such as late night sound sessions or lovely concert performances in remote village halls, celebrating the many faces of music.








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